Pacific Inn Construction Team


Rodney Forni

Chief Operations Officer

Rodney joined his brother Rodger at Pacific Inns in 1996 as the Chief Operations Officer. Since this time, Rodney has been integral in helping to make Pacific Inns a leader in hospitality management and development consulting. As COO, Rodney focuses on developing and maintaining working relationships with partner companies to deploy management processes as well as selecting appropriate product delivery strategies for clients. In addition to specializing in existing property capital expenditure projects, Rodney offers a depth of knowledge in information technology, television and telecommunications systems.

Prior to his career at Pacific Inns, Rodney worked for an independent west coast hotel chain for 20 years where he developed, managed and directed facility operations for 50 hotels. During this time, Rodney oversaw all construction, renovation and maintenance operations. Responsibilities within his role included managing purchases, developing and supervising staff and inspecting facilities to ensure company standards, safety procedures and project objectives were met. Today, Rodney applies his extensive background with hands on dedication to every facet of managing client relationships and projects at Pacific Inns.

Responsibilities & Areas of Expertise:

  • Construction & Development
  • Facility Operations
  • Property Capital Expenditure Projects
  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Purchasing Oversight
  • Site Selection
  • Site Inspections
  • Design Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis


What Does Rodney Love Most About His Job?

“The variety within my workdays. I might start my morning behind a desk, but at a moments notice be jumping on a plane to take care of a client’s project.”