Pacific Inns News

May 2022

Pacific Inns Awarded Top 3 Holiday Inns in the United States for Guest Service at IHG Convention

Managed by Pacific Inns, the Holiday Inn located in Twin Falls, Idaho was recognized as one of only three Holiday Inns in the United States to earn a guest services score over 95.

Tony Forni with Pacific Inns accepted the award from Paul Ortiz, VP of Holiday Inn & Even Hotels Brand Management at the IHG 2022 Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Congratulations to General Manager, Jodie Young and the entire Twin Falls Holiday Inn team for securing one of the highest forms of recognition a property can receive.

“Taking care of people is our business! Never underestimate the impact of daily overreactions and the ability to make someone’s day special,” said Linsey Forni, VP of Pacific Inns who was also in attendance at the IHG 2022 Convention when the award was